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We were created by the same God who created the earth and everything in it. God spared no expense when he created the forests, mountains, oceans, and wildlife. There is so much to explore in our amazing world, starting with what’s outside our front doors. 

The teenage years is a stage when kids are becoming adults. They begin to discover more about who they are and their interests and passions.  They reach an age and level of maturity where they can appreciate the beauty of creation more than ever.

Do you enjoy experiencing new things and seeing new places? Do you want to do everything you can in each place you visit? Are you immediately planning your next getaway the moment you return home, or maybe even while you’re still traveling? 

If the answer is yes, it is safe to say you are an adventurer! 

What will be your next adventure? How do you choose the right adventure? It depends, at least in part, on what type of adventurer you are.

Created for Adventure is a faith-based adventure travel company that provides wonderful travel opportunities for middle grade and high school teenagers all around the country. When thinking about a wilderness adventure, you probably have a few things in mind: hiking, nature, and wildlife. 

It can be nerve wracking to go into a new place where you don’t know anyone. Most everyone has been in that situation, whether it’s the first day of school, starting a new school, starting a new job, or visiting a new church. 

Feeling alone in something you may experience can be really hard, especially in a new place. This can oftentimes deter someone from trying anything new.

Don’t let that get in your way of going on an adventure trip, because with adventure trips, everyone is in the same boat. New people, new environments, and opportunities to try new things. You just have to be brave, take a deep breath, and jump in, because making new friends that have the potential to be lifelong relationships is something you will always treasure.