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From the moment I first heard about the Alaska Teen Expedition with Created for Adventure, I knew it was something I had to be a part of. My parents were very supportive of me and excited for me to have this amazing experience. I worked really hard to save enough money to go on this trip. I knew all the hard work would be worth it, and it was!

I had the most amazing experience on the Kauai Girls Adventure with Created for Adventure! This trip was just what I needed in my life. The community was absolutely amazing, and I grew in so many ways.

Through this experience I was able to strengthen my relationship with God. I learned to open my eyes to all the beauty God created in the world. I also learned how to better live a Christ-centered life through the amazing conversations I had with the leaders.

We feel so thankful to have had such a wonderful and successful summer of adventures in 2021! Our level of service, care and love for your child is rooted in the person and character of Jesus. Thank you for choosing Created for Adventure and for trusting us with your most prized possession.  

We are grateful for the many parents who supported us this summer. Your child’s health and safety are extremely important to us, and we appreciate your flexibility as we had to implement new protocols and travel requirements due to the pandemic. 

This summer, I went on the Hawaii Girls Adventure to Kauai with Created for Adventure. I was nervous because I had never flown in a plane before or been so far away from home! I honestly never liked going to summer camps and had always had a difficult time being away from home.

Everything about this trip was out of my comfort zone. But somehow everything seemed to add up perfectly for me to go on the trip. I truly believe that God wanted me to go on this adventure.

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