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Written by Ellie Calhoun

Today our group went on a whale-watching cruise through the Prince William Sound in the Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska! We saw a bunch of wildlife such as bald Eagles, puffins, seals, and sea otters. We even got to see a group of whales feeding which was probably my favorite part of the entire trip. I feel very lucky that we were able to see such a rare thing. 

By Emily Lamb

How do I sum up three weeks of leading trips in Hawaii with Created for Adventure? Beyond meeting every expectation I had, there were some delightful surprises along the way as well. God showed up in incredibly big ways for the amazing high schoolers that I had the absolute honor to guide. 

This journal was written by camper Molly Young on the Kauai, Hawaii Adventure Trip in 2023 with Created for Adventure

Day 1: “One of my greatest birthdays ever!" |   Day 2: “Don’t feed the chickens!” |   Day 3: “Aloha”  |    Day 4: “Fantastic” |   Day 5: "Romeo”  |   Final Day:   " Absolutely Drenched!"

Hawaii!! Where do I start?? Every single bit of it was amazing. There are so many things I could recount, so many precious memories I made. I could talk about loading our plates at the luau’s buffet or constantly visiting and falling in love with the Sunrise Shack smoothies and atmosphere, and so, so, many other unique experiences. However, Created for Adventure was so much more than some pretty pictures to post on Instagram.

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