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Hawaii!! Where do I start?? Every single bit of it was amazing. There are so many things I could recount, so many precious memories I made. I could talk about loading our plates at the luau’s buffet or constantly visiting and falling in love with the Sunrise Shack smoothies and atmosphere, and so, so, many other unique experiences. However, Created for Adventure was so much more than some pretty pictures to post on Instagram.

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Alayna's Story: Hawaii Co-Ed Oahu Trip

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

My trip to Hawaii with Created for Adventure was an amazing experience. It made me so thankful for the things I have. If anyone is debating on going on this trip just know it is an amazing opportunity and can really help you make better decisions for yourself.

It was our fifth full day in Hawaii. Today we had an early morning and I was on breakfast crew. We had bagels and orange slices so we could get out of the door quickly.

After, we did all our daily devotions and headed out the door to go to the opposite side of Kauai.

It was definitely worth it for me to take a leap out of my comfort zone and go on the all-girls trip with Created for Adventure to the beautiful island of Kauai! It was a once in a lifetime expereince.  It was truly eye-opening to leave the world of technology behind and take in the beauty of the world around me. Being disconnected and surrounded by nature provided me a sense of peace and ability to see God in a new light. I was also able to strengthen friendships and create new ones.