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From Camper to Staff: What it was Like Leading a Created for Adventure Trip as a Former Camper

From Camper to Staff: What it was Like Leading a Created for Adventure Trip as a Former Camper

Sunday, January 07, 2024

We interviewed alumni camper JD Lamond to find out what it was like to transition from being a camper to working as a staff member on a Created for Adventure trip! Continue reading to find out if he would recommend other alumni campers to experience serving on staff.

Which Created for Adventure trip did you go on as a camper?

The Alaska Teen Expedition 

What did you love about your experience?

What I loved about my experience with Created for Adventure was the friendships I made with the group and my leaders. The Alaska adventure trip allowed me to not only become friends with everyone, but also get to know them on a deeper level. From taking turns cooking for the group to witnessing some of the most stunning landscapes God has to offer, I feel like the trip brought us all together and created an environment that made us feel comfortable with each other. 

Why did you decide to apply as a leader?

I applied as a leader to share my love for God in an adventurous and fun environment.

Which trip did you help lead?

I helped lead the Colorado Trailblazer for 7th and 8th graders the summer of 2022.

Was there anything that surprised you about leading the trip?

Even though I was leading the campers in conversations about the gospel, I was surprised to discover I ultimately grew in my faith as well. 

Would you recommend other former campers to apply to work on staff with Created for Adventure? If so, why?

I would totally recommend applying for a leadership role with Created for Adventure! One of the biggest things for me was that I had outgrown being able to participate on an adventure trip as a camper. Working on staff allowed me an opportunity to help my campers have the same sort of life changing experience that I had on my trip. The leadership team at Created for Adventure is extremely organized and made being a leader easy and fun. I would definitely recommend this for anyone who loved their previous trips and is comfortable sharing their love for the Lord.