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Find Out Why These Parents Chose to Give the Gift of Adventure to their Teenager for Christmas

Find Out Why These Parents Chose to Give the Gift of Adventure to their Teenager for Christmas

Monday, November 27, 2023

Many parents are now choosing to give an “experience” as a Christmas gift to their children. We love the idea of giving the gift of adventure and have had many campers receive a Created for Adventure Trip for Christmas! 

We recently interviewed one of our camper parents, Marie Pender to tell us why she and her husband decided to give a Created for Adventure Trip to their daughter for Christmas. Continue reading to find out why this gift was such a special one for their daughter. 

What made you decide to give a Created for Adventure trip as a Christmas gift to your daughter?

We wanted to offer a unique travel opportunity that would also point her towards the Lord.

Which trip did you register your daughter for and why?

Hawaii—because it was just enough of an adventure to make her appreciate it, but not too grueling!

How did you give her the Christmas gift? 

We put a lei in her stocking with a note saying she would be going to Hawaii that summer!

How did your daughter react when she opened the gift?

She flipped out when she read the note and couldn’t believe we were sending her on such a big trip (since we hadn’t traveled much as a family)!

Would you recommend other parents to give the gift of adventure to their   children for  Christmas? If so, why?

Yes—it’s an excellent gift, especially if they haven’t had an experience like that without family around.

Anything else you'd like to share about your daughter's experience  on her adventure trip?

She was a little apprehensive about going with a group of girls she didn’t know, but she absolutely loved it! She grew tremendously and has wanted to return to Hawaii ever since.

If you have a teenager who would love to receive a Teen Adventure Trip  for Christmas, be sure to register soon to secure your spot!

If you’re interested in giving to our Scholarship Fund on behalf of a loved one, click on our link to help impact a teenager’s life in a special way this Christmas! 

For any questions, please contact Created for Adventure here or call    828-435-0627.