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What Can You Learn on an Adventure Trip?

What Can You Learn on an Adventure Trip?

Monday, October 04, 2021

Last month we announced our Teen Adventure Trips schedule for 2022. Our adventure trips provide teenagers with the opportunity to connect with nature and see the world. That’s not all it’s about for the team at Created for Adventure:

“Our trips are more than adventure travel. We believe now more than ever our teenagers need time away from their daily distractions and need to spend more time in God's beautiful creation.”

For parents and students who are wondering what teens can learn on an adventure trip, we want to answer your questions. Here are five valuable lessons you can learn with Created for Adventure.


So, What Happens On an Outdoor Adventure Trip?

1) Teens Will Learn Valuable Outdoor Skills

With our trips, there are many types of adventure from which to choose. Depending on the nature of the trip, they can learn technical outdoor skills such as kayaking, cooking/or backcountry cooking, travel, camping, surfing, wildlife safety, navigation, tie knots, yoga, and much more. These skills will be invaluable throughout your life.

How Developing Outdoor Skills Benefits Teenagers

  • Wildlife Safety: Learning wilderness safety can help your child safely enjoy the wilderness and give them a lifelong appreciation for creation. 
  • Travel and Navigation: While most people have a global map on their smartphones, there is still a lot to learn about traveling and navigating safely.
  • Backcountry Cooking: Knowing how to cook and feed yourself and your family can be helpful and even lifesaving.
  • Knot Tying: You never know how much you need knot tying skills until you need them. Learning how to tie secure knots as a teen can be something you will use for the rest of your life.
  • Kayaking, Surfing, Watersports: Water can be dangerous. Surfing, Kayaking, and other watersports help your teen develop the confidence to enjoy rivers and oceans safely. 

2) Teens Will Learn to Step Out of Their Comfort Zone

How valuable will it be for your teen to break free from their daily routines and challenge themselves to do something they have never done before. On an adventure trip, your teen will experience nature and be given the opportunity to try new things and make new friends face-to-face. They will eat new foods and experience different cultures. 

3) Teens Will Learn How Strong They Are

We know students will have a better knowledge of how strong they are through an experience with Created for Adventure. They will learn how amazing it is to be in community with one another and how beneficial it is to experience God's creation together. 

We pray that each team member realizes how valuable they are and how much they can contribute to helping others throughout their own communities and the world.

4) Teens Will Learn How How Much God Loves Them

At Created for Adventure, what we believe about God drives everything we do:

“We believe God created each of us and loves us unconditionally. We believe Jesus is the son of God who came to be the Savior to the lost world and invites us into a relationship with him.”

Teens will be frequently reminded of how much God loves everyone through the support and kindness of the staff and their fellow team members. Students will come to recognize God as a creator and redeemer, and they will go home knowing that they were designed for a life of purpose and adventure.

5) Teens Will Learn to Love Creation

Whether it’s Alaska, Hawaii, Colorado, or anywhere we go, your teens will see and experience some of the most majestic scenery in all of North America. They will tread in places their friends and family members may never set foot. 

Everything was created to glorify God. Our trips help make that apparent to your students. However, they will also learn to appreciate their role in God’s creation. People were created in God’s image to display not just his beauty and majesty but his love, grace, kindness, mercy, justice, stewardship, etc. 

Your teens will develop an appreciation for seeing and caring for the world God created. They will be encouraged to be good stewards of what God has made while making the most of every day God has given them. 

If you think your teen is ready to learn and grow while on a grand adventure, here is our 2022 lineup. 

This Year's Teen Adventure Trips

We would love to answer any of your questions about how your teen can grow on one of our 2022 adventure trips. Please feel free to contact us for more information. 

Created for Adventure is a family-owned adventure travel company that offers faith-based outdoor adventure experiences for teens and groups. You can register for teen adventure trips online and help your student experience the adventure of a lifetime.