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Experience, Company Culture and Risk Management

Owners, David and Colleen Schnitzer have been leading campers on mission and adventure trips for over 20 years. They are intimately involved in all aspects of trip design, logistics, staff selection, and training. They also have built strong relationships with industry leaders, local officials, and outfitters that help support the trips. David and Colleen’s involvement in every detail of each trip creates a culture of high standards for our campers’ safety and well-being.

David and Colleen are the parents of three teenagers. They fully understand what it means to hand over their children to the care of others and can relate to the concerns and fears that parents may have. Our entire CFA team is grateful and honored for the trust parents give us, and we won’t take it for granted.

"Our daughter was half-a-day away from me and I never worried. She took risks, learned new skills, and really grew! I am so proud of her! What an amazing experience! Best. Week. Ever!!" -Amy Cleveland, parent

Staff and Staff Training

CFA spends a lot of time and resources ensuring we have the right staff caring for and serving your children. Each staff member completes a thorough application and interview process. All interviews are completed face-to-face, and each applicant must have several references and pass background checks.

All trip leaders hold appropriate certifications and complete days of hands-on staff training prior to the summer sessions. Trips leaders are experienced and trained in emergency response protocols, wilderness first-aid, and all are supported by partners and officials in the field.

We hire our team members because they love to serve and create Christian community. The CFA team is highly relational and cares about each participant and their experience. We are excited to see kids get unplugged and connected to each other as they share adventures together.

"My daughter had an amazing time. I was worried to let her travel so far alone but the staff did an amazing job communicating with us on what to expect and easing our fears. My daughter grew so much during this trip both spiritually and mentally. I highly recommend Created for Adventure and look forward to sending my youngest one day." -Kerri Feather, parent

Safe Trips

Local Partners and Officials

Not only do we have the right staff guiding our trips, but CFA also has strong relationships with local partners, law enforcement, and other officials in our travel areas. We communicate with Park Rangers, Sheriff’s Office, community leaders, and our approved outfitters. Some trips may require professional guiding services who are experts in the local areas and offer extra support and risk management. Each outfitter is selected by maintaining a strict set of standards and following industry best practices.

Expedition Behavior, Personal Responsibility, and a Culture of Kindness

The CFA program provides age-appropriate activities for youth and young adults to develop Christian community, take on new responsibilities, gain independence, and an appreciation of God’s creation. Campers take many managed risks on our trips. They overcome challenges through fun adventure-based programs with new friends from across the country. The ability to effectively interact in a small group and to be a positive member of a community is necessary.

Participants are expected to effectively interact with others to accomplish community-building goals, establish positive and healthy relationships, work as a team, and maintain emotional resilience. We facilitate programs under “challenge-by-choice” practices. CFA has a zero-tolerance bullying policy. Bullying is the antithesis of who we are and the experience we hope to offer.

"My child had a wonderful experience with this camp. I would highly recommended to anyone interested in an adventure camp. This is the one! It’s far superior to the other adventure camp we tried. I felt confident that my child’s safety was a priority. We are already planning for next summer with Created for Adventure." Amanda, parent