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Registered families will receive a Parent Guidebook with detailed information on Travel Expectations, What to pack, General Procedures & Policies and more.

Airline Tickets

Airline tickets are not included in the Created for Adventure Trip Fees. Tickets must be individually purchased.

Each Adventure Trip begins and ends at the specified airport of each destination. The airport location for each expedition is listed on each Adventure Trip’s page.

Each trip has a mandatory check-in and check-out time. It is required that students arrive and depart the airport within the designated time frame to ensure smooth and easy travel for the group.


Our team of staff will greet campers at a designated area within the airport upon arrival. Staff will be wearing Created for Adventure t-shirts. We will also send each registered family a photo of their trip leader ahead of time.

Our goal is to meet campers at the gate. If this is not possible (due to airport policies), we will coordinate via cell phone our meeting location inside the airport. We will share the Regional Coordinator’s phone number with families so campers may call their leader if needed upon arrival.

Our Regional Coordinator and Expedition staff will constantly check for flight delays or changes in travel plans. Campers are encouraged and expected to call their parents as soon as they land to confirm safe arrival.


Our staff will ensure all campers are on their flights and headed home before they depart. We will also ensure they navigate the airports together for safe and easy travel.

COVID-19 Travel Protocols

In regards to travel, we plan to follow all recommendations required by local authorities, the CDC, and the best practices listed by the American Camping Association. We will also continue to monitor all destinations and any Covid-19 travel restrictions they may have in place and will communicate any updates to registered families.

Before Travel

In 2021, we implemented preventative safety measures against Covid-19 to help protect our campers including. Our 2023 guidelines may look similar but are subject to change.

  • As of today, Students & staff are required to take a Covid test, 72 hours prior to arrival and must show their negative test to their trip leader upon arrival (regardless of their vaccination status).