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Parent Testimonials

"We sent our son on the Grand Teton-Yellowstone trip this summer. He had an amazing time! He is usually not one to give details so we joked about how little he would tell us when we picked him up….he talked for over an hour! While I can’t say exactly what happened, he came back changed. He said he actually enjoyed being without his phone! The communication from the time we checked into this trip last October until the day they left, was very thorough. I was always able to get in touch with someone when I had questions, which I appreciate. We are definitely planning on sending our younger son on a trip at some point! Created for Adventure was exactly what we were looking for. A safe, Christ-centered opportunity for our son to have an adventure of a lifetime." Sandy, parent from College Station, Texas

"Our daughter LOVED her adventure trip. She came home with a new joy and love for life.  She has been an absolute pleasure to be around. She cannot wait until next year!" -Amy, parent from Saint Simons Island, GA

"Created for Adventure provides an all-encompassing experience for teens! New friends, beautiful places (without the distraction of cell phones), a safe place to grow in independence and explore faith. I am thankful I can send my kids on amazing trips with confidence that they will be well cared for." -Karen Harper, parent from Isle of Palms, SC

"My daughter attended the all-girls trips in Kauai. I cannot say enough good things about Colleen and her team at Created for Adventure.  Prior to the trip we had all the information needed for her to have a successful trip. I highly recommend this trip for your teens adventure!" -Jennifer, parent from Hamden, CT

"My daughter embarked on an amazing journey to Hawaii! She loved the trip immensely and my daughter definitely grew in her faith! She came home feeling renewed and refreshed in her path and desire to share so much with us. I wouldn’t hesitate to send her again. Thanks Created for Adventure!" Kristie, parent from Hendersonville, NC

"Our Son had a great experience on the Oahu trip! Everything was very well planned and organized. He fit in seamlessly with the group and really enjoyed getting to know the leaders as well. He loved the activities and participating in worship each night. I would say, “it’s a once in a lifetime experience” but he is already planning to go on another trip with Created For Adventure." Wendy, parent from Canton, GA

"Our daughter needed this boost in confidence that she can travel and be adventurous in a new environment. I am grateful that she had other women to pour into her and help challenge her physically, emotionally, and spiritually.” -Brooke, parent from Hickory, NC

"We sent our oldest daughter to the Rockies, Yellowstone, and Teton adventure camp this summer and she had an incredible time. She made new friends and made so many incredible memories that will last her a lifetime. Just knowing that she was so happy and having such a great time made our decision to send her out west for the first time a fantastic one." Cristi, parent from Saint Simons Island, GA

"Our daughter had an amazing experience and loved every minute of the adventure. Thank you for creating such a wonderful opportunity for them to grow and explore. We are so grateful." Sarah, parent from Atlanta, GA

"Our daughter said her trip to Hawaii was the best experience of her life and she would love to do it again!" Toni, parent from Rome, GA

"We had a great experience with Created for Adventure! All of our questions and concerns were answered promptly. The trip was well organized and the group of kids in attendance was amazing! My son had a fantastic time and made great friendships which have continued after the trip. The trip also allowed for personal growth and introspection. If you're thinking about a trip for your child - don't wait. Sign up! -Lois, parent from Fletcher, NC

"I am deeply grateful to Created for Adventure for igniting a fierce love of adventure, nature, fellowship and growth in my daughter. The pure sense of joy that radiated from her following this experience cannot be matched. She is looking forward to joining her next Created for Adventure trip this summer. And, my son will be embarking on his first trip this summer as well!" Anne, parent from Hendersonville, NC

"The value of the camp was intangible as my daughter came back more confident and independent with more assurance of her relationship with her Lord, dearer friendships, and much appreciation for the opportunity and privilege of attending a Created for Adventure trip. I saw a very tangible change in Ellie and I think stretching yourself, seeing the world for yourself, and experiencing it with old and new friends is invaluable, especially with a God-focused, Biblical perspective of this big beautiful place we call home for now. Being unplugged and hearing from the Lord in such a beautiful place was worth every penny.” Casey, parent from Marietta, GA

“At first we were a little nervous about sending our teenage son off to Alaska all alone. He had never flown alone or been in a different state without us. When he left on his adventure with Created for Adventure he was a very timid and shy teenage boy. He returned a more confident God-seeking young man!! We are so incredibly thankful for the opportunities Created for Adventure gave our son to grow physically, mentally, and most importantly spiritually. He is so excited about his next summer's adventure trip and so are we!!” Jerrilyn, parent from Estes Park, Colorado

“My daughter went into the trip not knowing anyone. Within hours, she became so close with everyone and has made lifelong friends. She also said she had the best meals on her trip-she ate gluten-free the entire time and said she never felt better! Thanks so much for accommodating her dietary needs. My daughter’s experience was extremely beneficial for her inner growth as it relates to putting herself out there. The experience taught her to be more open-minded in the real world when it comes to meeting new people and making friends.” Jennifer, parent from Jupiter, Florida

"Our son had a wonderful experience visiting Hawaii with Created for Adventure. He was able to see beautiful places, go on daily adventures, and make new friends, all while growing closer to God. I highly recommend sending your teenager on a Created for Adventure trip. They will make memories that last a lifetime." Cazenove, parent from Augusta, Georgia

“My sons had an incredible experience with the Alaska Teen Expedition! It was the perfect opportunity for them to spend time together without mom and dad, especially since my oldest will be leaving for college next year. I wanted them to have a special experience where God is paramount and there is no better place to experience the vastness of His creation than in Alaska. We were thrilled with the ease of registration, very fair pricing, and the communication from CFA. They are a company with Christian and family values that have had a meaningful impact on the youth in our community. Their guides reflect their mission to provide a safe, once-in-a-lifetime experience and are gifted in their ability to foster teamwork and self-confidence through the teachings of Christ.” Natalie, parent from Hendersonville, NC

"My daughter's trip to Oahu was a true success on many levels. Traveling to Hawaii from Connecticut gave her great confidence and showed her strength and independence she never knew she had. This was a great opportunity that forced her to step outside of her comfort zone. Meeting new people and experiencing new adventures along with the break from social media encouraged her to focus on the present, be grateful and find comfort within herself." Christine, parent from North Haven, CT

“Our daughter can’t wait for the next adventure trip! And for joining a Bible study and meeting up with her new friends she discovered that live close by….she had so much fun and said she didn’t miss her phone at all! A wonderful, life-changing adventure for sure. She had an incredible time! Created For Adventure lives up to all of its promises! Great trip, beautiful memories, growth in faith, and discovering God’s amazing creation in a safe environment with awesome guides while making new friends!" Shana, parent from Kennesaw, GA

“The Alaska Expedition was an opportunity for our 17-year-old daughter to experience something unlike anything she had done before. Following a year of remote learning and so many constraints, we wanted her to experience wide-open spaces and fellowship with new people. She returned sharing stories of wilderness adventures with friends and memories that will last a lifetime.” Kevin and Janis, parents from Raleigh, NC

"Our daughter went on her first Created for Adventure trip last summer. My husband and I were excited for her to experience the beauty of Hawaii, but we could have never predicted how wonderful this adventure would be for our girl. She returned with a spirit of adventure, deeper friendships and most importantly a deep awe of her Heavenly Father and His beautiful creation…a reminder that her identity is in Him and how much He loves her. Created for Adventure reaches these teenagers in a way that cultivates fun and faith. As a parent, we are so grateful!" Jennifer, parent from Hendersonville, NC

"Our son was very hesitant about going on the trip because of the distance and not knowing anyone. But, the first thing he said to us when we picked him up at the airport was "that was the best trip I've ever been on!" He really had an epic adventure and learned so many invaluable skills." Scott, parent from Apison, TN

“Our daughter had a wonderful time. Thank you for providing this incredible opportunity for her.” Jennie, parent from Granville, Ohio

"I sent both of my daughters on the Oahu trip this past summer. They are both still talking about the trip and how much it meant to them. This experience has helped to shape their lives and appreciates the adventure-packed world we live in! I highly recommend it!!" Shelley, parent from Acworth, Georgia

“My daughter returned home having gained not only lifelong and meaningful friendships but such confidence in herself that allowed her to believe she could face any challenge. It was an adventure that taught her new experiences with worthwhile rewards.” Jennifer, parent from Demorest, GA

“Our daughter didn't want to come home! This was one of the experiences that will mark her life. We look forward to seeing what else you have in store. We have three more begging to go!” Rebecca, parent from Hendersonville, NC

“Our daughter felt very supported and had a great experience. Thank you so much! We are spreading the word about your adventure trips!” Christen, parent from Asheville, NC

"A wonderful life-changing experience for our daughter. Memories made that will last a lifetime!" Beth, parent from Acworth, GA

Camper  Testimonials

 “Created for adventure was one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. I grew so much closer to my friends and, most importantly, God. ​​​​​​​​One of my favorite parts of the trip was when we went hiking. It was just a great moment to reflect on life and really connect with yourself and God. If I could take this trip a thousand times over again, I would!!” -Maggie, camper from our Oahu Co-Ed Adventure Trip

“Created for Adventure was a great experience that I will never forget. I learned so many new things and connected with God in so many different ways. The views I got to see were just beautiful. -Holly, camper from our Rockies-Teton-Yellowstone Expedition  

“I will never forget my trip to Alaska. It was amazing to sleep so close to a huge glacier! I made great friends and I never felt alone and always felt like I had someone to talk to. I learned a lot about the people around me and what their experiences were. I also enjoyed having several great faith conversations with my trip leader and new friends.” -Ethan, camper from our Alaska Expedition 

“The trip to Hawaii was the best experience I’ve ever had. I grew spiritually and was able to come back a better person than I had left. I am also forever grateful for the friendships that were formed and strengthened throughout the trip and encourage others to take the opportunity to have the time of their lives!” -Allison, camper from our Oahu Girls Adventure 

“This trip was UNBELIEVABLE!!! I could not have asked for a better experience! I had heard wonderful things about this trip and I definitely was a little skeptical, but WOW, was I proved wrong!! God gifted me with the most wonderful leaders!! I would 1000% recommend this to anyone! I would also challenge you to step out of your comfort zone because yes, it’s a far journey and yes, you probably don’t know anyone, but it will be worth your while!” -Aine, camper from our Kauai Girls Adventure 

“I loved being able to explore a new place that I had always dreamed of going to.  I was able to get away from the pressures of real life and focus on the girls on my trip while growing in my faith. I walked away from this trip feeling closer to God with new friends, new experiences, and lifelong memories.” -Virginia, camper from our Oahu Girls Adventure 

"Getting to go to Oahu was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. Snorkeling, surfing, and hiking were some of the many things I enjoyed. I met new people and grew really close with my friends. This trip opened my eyes about my relationship with God and guided me in a way that I never thought could happen. I learned so much about myself, and I am very grateful for the wonderful adventure I had. No matter who you are, this type of trip can influence you and help you to live life to your fullest!” -Jackie, camper from our Oahu Co-Ed Adventure

“Created for Adventure was an amazing experience and a great opportunity to connect with God. We hiked amazing trails and saw amazing sights. It was an incredible experience that I will never forget! -Anna, camper from our Rockies-Teton-Yellowstone Expedition 

“I had a great time at camp! Even though it took me a little out of my comfort zone, I made great friends with the other girls and the trip leaders were amazing (Emily and Colleen)! This camp helped me strengthen my faith in God and opened my eyes to God’s beautiful creation! This was by far my favorite camp experience and I hope to do more adventures in the future! -Emma, camper from our Oahu Girls Adventure 

“Created for Adventure is such an amazing experience! My trip to Hawaii allowed me to build closer relationships with many new friends and truly get to know them…I hope to go back soon!!” -Kai, camper from Oahu Co-Ed Adventure

"This camp helped me strengthen my faith and opened my eyes to God's beautiful creation. This was by far my favorite camp experience, and I hope to do more adventures in the future!"- Cate, camper from Oahu Girls Adventure

"One thing that I learned on this trip is definitely how good it is and how nice it is to have a group of people that care about you as much as the people here do. Everybody is just so kind and loving. It’s just a great place to be.” -Jacob, camper from Tetons-Rockies-Yellowstone Expedition

"I had an amazing time! I loved getting to meet so many new people from different places. I grew so much spiritually on this trip and cannot wait to go do another one!!!” -Lila, camper from Kauai Girls Adventure 

“If you are looking for adventure, the Alaska Expedition is for you. Whether it's ice climbing on glaciers or sailing next to orca whales, Created for Adventure offers a safe environment that allows one to experience the wonders of Alaska and build their faith in Christ.” -JD, camper from Alaska Expedition

“Created for Adventure gave me the opportunity to be free from distractions, spend time in God’s creation, and learn to trust in Him more. I got to try a lot of new things that I would have never done on my own, and I made lots of memories with new and old friends that I will always cherish.” -Beck, camper from our Rockies-Teton-Yellowstone Expedition 

"My trip to Hawaii with Created for Adventure was an amazing experience. It made me so thankful for the things I have. If anyone is debating on going on this trip just know it is an amazing opportunity and can really help you make better decisions for yourself. I grew close to my friends and further into my faith. It was so nice to get away from my everyday life and go all the way across the country to explore this new place. It was a decision I will never regret!! -Alayna, camper from Oahu Co-ed Adventure

“I am truly grateful for Created for Adventure’s amazing leaders and the awe-inspiring experience I had in Hawaii! I felt the stress of the world roll off my shoulders and I felt at peace. I was also able to strengthen friendships and create so many new ones!!” -Estella, camper from our Kauai Girls Adventure

“I went on a trip to Hawaii and it was the best decision of my life! I have never had more fun and I feel so blessed that I was able to experience this!” -Katherine Graham from our Oahu Co-ed Adventure

Camp Industry & Church Leader Testimonials

"I have had the pleasure of working for both these amazing people in separate capacities. David with summer camp and Colleen with youth ministry in a church setting. Both are wonderful, professional, motivated, loving, caring, and faithful people. I cannot hold these two to a higher standard than they already hold themselves to. Anyone would be lucky to learn and grow from them." Mark Mosley, Camp Director, YMCA Camp Greenville

"I have worked and consulted on camp and adventure projects most of my life. David and Colleen understand the powerful influence of faith, friendship, and leadership and are most creative in turning up the adventure to help young people in breathtaking environments see and seek important truths in their lives. I know them, I trust them. Let your kids be a part of their incredible adventures. You will be blessed that you did." -Michael Haun, Camp Consultant

"I have had the privilege of working with Colleen and David for many years. They are guided by a deep faith that is evident in all they do. Their passion for God and for students has made an impact on countless young adults, including my own children. Created for Adventure combines faith and fun in a transformational way!" -Rev. Christy Sharp

"David and Colleen run a fantastic program! I have seen first-hand the fruit of their ministry and highly recommend this company. Your children will be challenged spiritually and physically. They will return home with new friendships and a sense of self-worth, confidence, and a deeper understanding of their faith in God. “ -James Johnson, Camp Director, High Peak Camp

"I highly recommend sending your teens on a Created for Adventure trip this summer. This faith-based adventure company is really making a difference in the lives of teenagers. We had a group of our youth (including our own daughters) go on the Hawaii Adventure and their experience has made a lasting impact on them." -Rev. Jody Ray

"I have had the honor of knowing David and Colleen for the past twenty years. I have seen first hand their passion for youth and travel come together in serving the next generation through adventure trips. The trips they lead are safe, educational, fun, and life-changing.” Drew Hullinger, former co-worked in camping

 I am so grateful that God has blessed me to cross paths with David and Colleen. They both live a life of ministry that is incredibly representative of who Jesus is: Loving God and Loving People. Through their deep experience of ministry, they create an atmosphere that helps people learn, grow and challenge themselves in a safe welcoming environment. Take the opportunity to join them for any adventure and get ready for a Christ-Centered Adventure!!” – Rev. Dr. Ben Mayfield, Pastor of Student Ministries

"I wanted HIGH ADVENTURE for my kids and Created for Adventure is what I found. Are you wanting a Christ-centered, adventure trip for your kids? These are the people doing it. This is rare...there are other companies doing this but not with Jesus at the helm, creation at their back, contemplation, identity, cooking and sharing meals together, and being quiet in His presence. I was so excited to find Created for Adventure. These people are the real deal!" Rachel Faulkner Brown, Executive Director, Be Still Ministries