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Parent Testimonials

"I am deeply grateful to Created for Adventure for igniting a fierce love of adventure, nature, fellowship and growth in my daughter. The pure sense of joy that radiated from her following this experience cannot be matched. She is looking forward to joining her next Created for Adventure trip this summer. And, my son will be embarking on his first trip this summer as well!"Anne, parent from Hendersonville, NC

"The value of the camp was intangible as my daughter came back more confident and independent with more assurance of her relationship with her Lord, dearer friendships and much appreciation for the opportunity and privilege of attending a Created for Adventure trip. I saw a very tangible change in Ellie and I think stretching yourself, seeing the world for yourself and experiencing it with old and new friends is invaluable, especially with a God-focused, Biblical perspective of this big beautiful place we call home for now. Being unplugged and hearing from the Lord in such a beautiful place was worth every penny.” Casey, parent from Marietta, GA

“At first we were a little nervous about sending our teenage son off to Alaska all alone. He had never flown alone or been in a different state with out us. When he left on his adventure with Created for Adventure he was a very timid and shy teenage boy. He returned a more confident God seeking young man!! We are so incredibly thankful for the opportunities Created for Adventure gave our son to grow physical, mentally and most importantly spiritually. He is so excited about his next summers adventure trip and so are we!!” Jerrilyn, parent from Estes Park, Colorado

“My daughter went into the trip not knowing anyone. Within hours, she became so close with everyone and has made lifelong friends. She also said she had the best meals on her trip-she ate gluten-free the entire time and said she never felt better! Thanks so much for accommodating her dietary needs. My daughter’s experience was extremely beneficial for her inner growth as it relates to putting herself out there. The experience taught her to be more open minded in the real world when it comes to meeting new people and making friends.” Jennifer, parent from Jupiter, Florida

"Our son had a wonderful experience visiting Hawaii with Created for Adventure. He was able to see beautiful places, go on daily adventures, make new friends, all while growing closer to God. I highly recommend sending your teenager on a Created for Adventure trip. They will make memories that last a lifetime." Cazenove, parent from Augusta, Georgia

“My sons had an incredible experience with the Alaska Teen Expedition! It was the perfect opportunity for them to spend time together without mom and dad, especially since my oldest will be leaving for college next year. I wanted them to have a special experience where God is paramount and there is no better place to experience the vastness of His creation than in Alaska. We were thrilled with the ease of registration, very fair pricing, and the communication from CFA. They are a company with Christian and family values who have had an meaningful impact on the youth in our community. Their guides reflect their mission to provide a safe, once in a lifetime experience and are gifted in their ability to foster teamwork and self-confidence through the teachings of Christ.” Natalie, parent from Hendersonville, NC

"My daughter's trip to Oahu was a true success on many levels. Traveling to Hawaii from Connecticut gave her great confidence, and showed her strength and independence she never knew she had. This was a great opportunity that forced her to step outside of her comfort zone. Meeting new people and experiencing new adventures along with the break from social media encouraged her to focus on the present, be grateful and find comfort within herself." Christine, parent from North Haven, CT

“Our daughter can’t wait for the next adventure trip! And for joining a Bible study, and meeting up with her new friends she discovered that live close by….she had so much fun and said she didn’t miss her phone at all! A wonderful, life-changing adventure for sure. She had an incredible time! Created For Adventure lives up to all of its promises! Great trip, beautiful memories, growth in faith, and discovering God’s amazing creation in a safe environment with awesome guides while making new friends!" Shana, parent from Kennesaw, GA

“The Alaska Expedition was an opportunity for our 17-year-old daughter to experience something, unlike anything she had done before. Following a year of remote learning and so many constraints, we wanted her to experience wide-open spaces and fellowship with new people. She returned sharing stories of wilderness adventures with friends and memories that will last a lifetime.” Kevin and Janis, parents from Raleigh, NC

"Our daughter went on her first Created for Adventure trip last summer. My husband and I were excited for her to experience the beauty of Hawaii but we could have never predicted how wonderful this adventure was for our girl. She returned with a spirit of adventure, deeper friendships and most importantly a deep awe of her Heavenly Father and His beautiful creation…a reminder that her identity is in Him and how much He loves her. Created for Adventure reaches these teenagers in a way that cultivates fun and faith. As a parent, we are so grateful!" Jennifer, parent from Hendersonville, NC

"Our son was very hestiant about going on the trip because of the distance, and not knowing anyone. But, the first thing he said to us when we picked him up at the airport was "that was the best trip I've ever been on!" He really had an epic adventure and learned so many invaluable skills." Scott, parent from Apison, TN

“Our daughter had a wonderful time. Thank you for providing this incredible opportunity for her.” Jennie, parent from Granville, Ohio

"I sent both of my daughters on the Oahu trip this past summer. They are both still talking about the trip and how much it meant to them. This experience has helped to shape their lives and appreciate the adventure-packed world we live in! I highly recommend!!" Shelley, parent from Acworth, Georgia

“My daughter returned home having gained, not only lifelong and meaningful friendships, but such confidence in herself that allowed her to believe she could face any challenge. It was an adventure that taught her new experiences with worthwhile rewards.” Jennifer, parent from Demorest, GA

“Our daughter didn't want to come home! This was one of the experiences that will mark her life. We look forward to seeing what else you have in store. We have three more begging to go!” Rebecca, parent from Hendersonville, NC

“Our daughter felt very supported and had a great experience. Thank you so much! We are spreading the word about your adventure trips!” Christen, parent from Asheville, NC

"A wonderful life changing experience for our daughter. Memories made that will last a lifetime!" Beth, parent from Acworth, GA