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Our founders, David and Colleen Schnitzer began leading trips professionally for teenagers over 25 years ago. They met while working as counselors at a summer camp in the North Georgia mountains. They began  working as Trip Leaders in Alaska for the next several summers, and have been serving teens and going on adventures together ever since. 

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Over the last 25 years, David has  developed and led Christian Leadership programs and expeditions for teenagers at summer camps. He was the Leadership Director of YMCA Camp High Harbour and served as the Summer Camp Director for Camp Glisson. In 2012, David took the role as Director at Camp Kanuga, a position he held for eight years at a camp in Western North Carolina.

David is a graduate of University of Georgia and received his Master’s in Christian Leadership from Asbury Theological Seminary. He is a graduate of NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School) and is a certified wilderness first responder.

Colleen graduated from the University of Washington and began her career in Theater Education at the Seattle Children's Theater.  She later served as Education Director and developed a Children’s Theater and Summer Camp program for children and teens in North Georgia.

She later began working professionally in youth and family ministry for churches.   For over 10+ years, Colleen has ministered to hundreds of teens across the southeast and has led numerous retreats and domestic and international mission trips.

David and Colleen founded Created for Adventure to offer teens an opportunity to live their lives to the fullest, experience adventure in wild and beautiful places, and gain a better understanding of God’s love for them. 

David and Colleen are the proud parents of three teenage boys, and they love to go on adventures together. 

Michael Haun


"I have worked and consulted on camp and adventure projects most of my life. David and Colleen understand the powerful influence of faith, friendship and leadership and are most creative in turning up the adventure to help young people in breathtaking environments see and seek important truths in their lives. I know them, I trust them. Let your kids be a part of their incredible adventures. You will be blessed that you did."

Michael Haun, Camp Consultant

Rev. Christy Sharp


"I have had the priviledge of working with Colleen and David for many years. They are guided by a deep faith that is evident in all they do. Their passion for God and for students has made an impact on countless young adults, including my own children. Created for Adventure combines faith and fun in a transformational way!"

Rev. Christy Sharp

Rachel Faulkner Brown


"I have had the pleasure of working for both these amazing people in separate capacities. David with summer camp and Colleen with youth ministry in a church setting. Both are wonderful, professional, motivated, loving, caring, and faithful people. I cannot hold these two to a higher standard than they already hold themselves to. Anyone would be lucky to learn and grow from them."

Mark Mosley, Camp Director, YMCA Camp Greenville

Shana Hacworth


“ I am so grateful that God has blessed me to cross paths with David and Colleen. They both live a life of ministry that is incredibly representative of who Jesus is Loving God and Loving People. Through their deep experience of ministry, they create an atmosphere that helps people learn, grow and challenge themselves in a safe welcoming environment. Take the opportunity to join them for any adventure and get ready for a Christ-Centered Adventure!!”

– Rev. Dr. Ben Mayfield, Pastor of Student Ministries

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