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How Our Staff are Making a Difference in the Lives of Young People

How Our Staff are Making a Difference in the Lives of Young People

Monday, March 11, 2024

We have such an incredible staff that lead our Created for Adventure trips every summer. Just a few weeks ago, we received an email (included below) from a family who met one of our staff members, Isaac in Alaska last summer. 

They were hoping to get Isaac’s address to send him a thank you letter. The family apparently camped right next to our group, and the father shared that Isaac made “quite an impression” on their little boy. 

“My son and I met your group in Seward, Alaska this past summer and one of your trip leaders, Isaac gave my 7-year-old son a bear claw necklace as we were leaving. 

Isaac made quite an impression on Liam. It is amazing to see a young person with such a kind heart in today’s world. It was also amazing to see this large group of young people experiencing the outdoors, fellowship, and prayer … without electronics!

Your program is amazing, and it was inspiring to interact with your group over the summer.” 

- Chad 

Isaac received a photo of he and Liam in the mail, along with a sweet note from him (see image of the card included above). We just loved this story and asked Isaac and Liam’s parents if we could share the notes and photos with you! 

Below, is a letter from Liam's parents to Isaac:

“Mr Issac,

Thank you for being a kind, positive light in this world! You surely made a lasting impression on our sweet seven-year-old this past summer in Seward, Alaska! 

Liam did not want to take the bear claw necklace off for days! He told everyone he met the rest of the summer about it. 

Your kindness and generosity meant everything to Chad and I. We are so blessed to have camped next to your group. We are so grateful for you. Thank you!

God Bless,
Chad and Genni Conry

We absolutely loved hearing how one of our staff members made such a positive influence on a young person. Isaac went above and beyond to not only serve his campers, but he reflected the love of Jesus to everyone around him!