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Last month we announced our Teen Adventure Trips schedule for 2022. Our adventure trips provide teenagers with the opportunity to connect with nature and see the world. That’s not all it’s about for the team at Created for Adventure:

“Our trips are more than adventure travel. We believe now more than ever our teenagers need time away from their daily distractions and need to spend more time in God's beautiful creation.”

For parents and students who are wondering what teens can learn on an adventure trip, we want to answer your questions. Here are five valuable lessons you can learn with Created for Adventure.

Hi friends, 

We are so excited to announce our Summer 2022 Faith-Based Teen Adventure Trips! We will continue to offer the same great destinations to Hawaii and Alaska.

When I tell my friends that I went a week to a month without having my cell phone on various adventure or mission trips they usually respond with complete disbelief...

They asked how I did it, did I miss it?

What to Pack for a Camping Trip

Monday, August 31, 2020

I can’t tell you how many times I have created lists on what to pack for our camping trips. I thought I would share this list with anyone else looking for an easy check-list of EVERYTHING you need to take with you on your next camping adventure!

If you simply don’t own any of your own gear yet, but want to try camping as a family or with a group of friends check out Created for Adventure for Custom Group Adventures! All of your gear and food is provided for you!