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Here at Created for Adventure, we specialize in creating meaningful, fun, and exciting  Adventure trips for teenagers all over the United States. Two of the adventure trips that we offer for teenagers include the Grand Tetons. Both of these adventures will include morning daily devotional time, backcountry cooking together, group games, evening small groups, and more! 

On our trips, teens will experience an adventure of a lifetime and return home with a better understanding of God's love for them and a deeper appreciation for creation.

Books to Read Before an Adventure

Monday, October 03, 2022

If you’re preparing to go on an outdoor adventure, small or large, a great way to immerse yourself in the outdoors before your trip even begins is to read about adventure! We’ve carefully selected a list of great books that might inspire and encourage you on your next trip while also allowing you to escape into the pages of a book and get a better understanding of why we explore, and what we can gain from it! 

Many young women might think they’re incapable of completing an outdoor adventure like the trips we offer, but we know that is not the case! Whether you’re joining us for an outdoor adventure in Alaska, the Rockies, or even Hawaii, it is guaranteed that you’ll challenge yourself,  make friends along the way, enjoy time away from your everyday life, and boost your confidence and faith in yourself. 

We were created by the same God who created the earth and everything in it. God spared no expense when he created the forests, mountains, oceans, and wildlife. There is so much to explore in our amazing world, starting with what’s outside our front doors. 

The teenage years is a stage when kids are becoming adults. They begin to discover more about who they are and their interests and passions.  They reach an age and level of maturity where they can appreciate the beauty of creation more than ever.