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Six Reasons to Take a Wilderness Adventure

Six Reasons to Take a Wilderness Adventure

Thursday, June 02, 2022

Created for Adventure is a faith-based adventure travel company that provides wonderful travel opportunities for middle grade and high school teenagers all around the country. When thinking about a wilderness adventure, you probably have a few things in mind: hiking, nature, and wildlife. 

Many young adults today have such busy calendars that they aren’t able to take the time to slow down and enjoy the outdoors and all it has to offer. With social media and technology influencing many aspects of your teenager’s life, a wilderness adventure will benefit them in more ways than one. 

A wilderness adventure is the perfect opportunity to challenge your teenager mentally and physically, and also provide them with a positive experience that will shape your teenager’s future.

Six Reasons to Sign Up for a Wilderness Adventure

1. Friendships

Going on one of our wilderness adventures provides our campers with an experience that will help shape them and their future, help create life-long friendships, and help your teenager develop and strengthen their social skills. We encourage our campers to step outside of their comfort zone on our Adventure Trips. This allows them to relate and connect with one another as they try new things and experience adventure with their peers. 

“My daughter returned home having gained, not only lifelong and meaningful friendships, but such confidence in herself that allowed her to believe she could face any challenge. It was an adventure that taught her new experiences with worthwhile rewards.” Jennifer, a parent from Demorest, GA

2. Strengthening Faith

Being out in nature with new friends and new surroundings can help strengthen your teenager’s relationship with God. We believe that spending time in creation points us back to God.

Being immersed in nature is a wonderful way to see God’s beautiful creation. Think of all the times people had special encounters with God on mountain tops! Moses received the word of God and Elijah saw the power of God during mountain top experiences. 

3. Physical Activity

After what seemed like a lifetime in quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so many of us, including your teenagers, have become far too used to staying indoors and isolating. 

We provide your teenagers with many opportunities for physical activity such as hiking, walking, swimming, horseback riding, cooking, and so much more that will benefit your teenager by helping them deal with depression and anxiety, while also improving blood circulation and strengthening muscles, and more! 

4. Mental Health

Physical health and activity is very important to us, but we also value the mental health of our adventure campers just as much. Being outside can help one’s stress, anxiety, and even depression, and in a world that revolves around technology and social media, it is important to take breaks and explore the outdoors. Being immersed in the wilderness on one of our adventures provides the perfect opportunity for limited screen time and real interactions with other campers. 

5. Career Paths

While on one of our wilderness adventures, your teenager might discover a love for nature and a newfound interest in one of the many career paths in nature! 

Your teenager will learn about biology, wildlife, the ecosystem, and more. With these new interests and hobbies your teenager may have found, they might enjoy exploring a career in the Forest Service, or maybe a park ranger, or wildlife management, or even land surveying, and more!

6. Life Skills

Your teen will learn things like independence, wilderness and wildlife safety, navigating through an airport, outdoor cooking, working as a team, and much more that will likely benefit them in the future!

About Created for Adventure Wilderness Experiences

We are located in Hendersonville, NC, and we create opportunities for teenagers to experience the outdoors, build community, and grow closer to God. Our staff is experienced in risk management and are experienced trip guides. 

With morning devotional time and small groups, we hope to cultivate young adults' love for nature, people, and God. If you have a teenager who loves to explore or is looking for an adventure of a lifetime, Created for Adventure could be a great resource for them. 

Feel free to reach out to us at (828) 435-0627 or check out our website to learn more about us!