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Journal Entry: Kauai Girls Adventure 2022 by Aine Jones

Journal Entry: Kauai Girls Adventure 2022 by Aine Jones

Monday, August 22, 2022

It was our fifth full day in Hawaii. Today we had an early morning and I was on breakfast crew. We had bagels and orange slices so we could get out of the door quickly.

After, we did all our daily devotions and headed out the door to go to the opposite side of Kauai.

Today on the schedule was horseback riding. Ummmmmm! I was literally SO nervous. Like thought I was going to freak out LOL! I got assigned “Big John” and let me just say HE WAS MASSIVE! He was definetly the biggest horse in our group. But, we became besties! I think at one point he was even talking to me, LOL!

We rode down to a beach and up the mountains and it was the most beautiful thing ever!!! It’s crazy because Hawaii literally has water that looks like crystals. After horseback riding, we headed to the beach and ate lunch. We swam around for a little bit and ended up on a sand bar/island with a beached sea turtle and a seal rolling in the waves! So cool! After we hung out on the beach for a little while before heading back to the farm.

On the way home we stopped at a farmers market that we thought looked cute. We got some mangoes, coconuts, and starfruit. Then we headed back to have dinner (AMAZING spaghetti)! After dinner we went for a walk around the farm and we got to meet some baby cows! ACTUALLY, we also saw a baby bull! So adorable! We then had our small group as the sun was setting over the mountains! It was the most perfect day!